Lip blush tattooing is a technique used to create a brighter pigment colour on the lips, can create a fuller looking lip and more noticeable colour

This is a semi-permanent treatment that will last from 2-3 years.

Cosmetic Cartel offer a FREE 6 week touch up after first tattoo appointment.

Yearly touch ups are recommended for optimal results at a cost of $150.00


  • Consultation
  • Consultation form
  • Pre-draw and mapping the lips
  • Application of topical anaesthetic
  • Lip blush tattoo procedure
  • Aftercare and what to expect



  • Follow the aftercare properly to obtain optimal results.
  • Keep your lips clean and dry, but moisturised as you can for the first 5-10 days. Too much lymph fluid, water, sweat and oil will result in scabs instead of a film. Scabs will result in patchy lips.
  • Keep your lips moisturised with the aftercare ointment provided for the healing process.
  • Use an icepack (wrapped in something clean) or take ibuprofen if your lips feel swollen and there is bruising present.
  • Use a clean straw when drinking and avoid salty or spicy food if your lips feel tender after the first few days.


  • Don’t touch, bite or scratch your lips. Touching or picking could cause irritation, infection and loss of pigment.
  • Exercise for at least 2-5 days after the treatment due to sweating. Gentle exercise is ok after the first few days.
  • Put anything on your lips other than the aftercare ointment provided for the first 1-2 weeks to avoid irritation and cross contamination.
  • Use saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 1-2 weeks due to sweating and a risk of getting your lips wet.
  • Have facials or other face beauty treatments for 1 week to avoid irritation and cross contamination.
  • Have lip fillers or use sunbeds, chemical peels or any harsh face treatments for 4 weeks as your skin will not be healed enough.
  • Use anti-aging creams, acids or retinols on or close to your lips ever!

These products strip the skin and the chemicals will react and affect the pigment and retention.

Other things that can contribute to premature fading:

Frequent exercising and sweating / oily skin / fast metabolism / iron deficiency / hormone replacement medications / other daily medications / smoking / sunbeds and sunbathing / not using sun protection / excessive exfoliating / harsh cleansers and anti-ageing products.